Risa Negra

Arturo O'Farrill - Risa Negra


1. One Adam 12 Mambo

2. Goat Check
3. Blue State Blues

4. The Darkness is My Closest Friend
5. No Way Off
6. Crazy Chicken
7. Tabla Rasa: El Salon Cubano
8. Tabla Rasa: Tintal Tintal Deo
9. Ceviche

10. Alisonia



Named one of top jazz albums of 2009 by The Wall Street Journal and The Village Voice



Recorded April 12-13, 2009 at Peter Karl Studios, Brooklyn, NY.


Producer: Arturo O’Farrill

Assistant Producer: Eric Oberstein


Executive Producers: Alison Deane, Joachim “Jochen” Becker


Recording Engineer: Peter Karl

Mixing: Peter Karl, Arturo O’Farrill & Eric Oberstein at Peter Karl Studios, Brooklyn, NY.

Mastering: Peter Karl


Arturo O’Farrill – piano, Fender Rhodes piano

Jim Seeley – trumpet (all tracks except 6, 10)

David Bixler – alto sax (all tracks except 3, 6-8, 10)

Boris Koslov – acoustic & electric bass (all tracks except 6-8, 10)

Vince Cherico – drums (all tracks except 6, 10)

Roland Guerrero – percussion (all tracks except 9, 10)




Heather Martin Bixler – violin (7, 8)

Alison Deane – piano (5, 7, 8)

Adam O’Farrill – trumpet (6)

Zack O’Farrill – trumpet (6)

Ivan Renta – tenor sax (3, 6)

Ricardo Rodriguez – acoustic bass (3, 6-8)

Badal Roy – tablas (7, 8)

Cecilia Tenconi – flute (7, 8)

Arturo O'Farrill
Release Date

October 13, 2009

Assistant Producer
ZOHO Music
About This Project

On his fifth ZOHO CD, Arturo O’Farrill introduces his multicultural sextet and guests from the Caribbean, Midwest, Latin America, Russia, and India. Features guest performances by several family members, including O’Farrill’s 14-year-old son Adam, who performed in front of First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House in June 2009. Other guest performers include the legendary Indian tabla player and vocalist Badal Roy, who performed on several of Miles Davis famous electric fusion recordings in the 1970s.

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