Cuba: The Conversation Continues


Disc 1
1. The Triumphant Journey

2. Movement I: Mother Africa

3. Movement II: All of the Americas
4. Movement III: Adagio
5. Movement IV: What Now?
6. Guajira Simple
7. Alabanza
8. Blues Guaguancó

Disc 2

1. Vaca Frita
2. Just One Moment
3. El Bombón

4. Second Lina Soca (Brudda Singh)
5. There’s a Statue of Jose Martí in Central Park



GRAMMY Award, Best Instrumental Composition (The Afro Latin Jazz Suite by Arturo O’Farrill), 58th GRAMMY Awards

Latin GRAMMY Award, Best Latin Jazz Album, 17th Latin GRAMMY Awards

GRAMMY nomination, Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album, 58th GRAMMY Awards

#1 Latin Album of 2015 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll

Top 20 Album of the Year, 2015 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll

iTunes Jazz Best of 2015 List

DownBeat Top Albums of 2015 List

JazzTimes Top 40 Albums of 2015

Best Latin Jazz Releases/Best Large Jazz Ensemble Releases 2015, NY Jazz Record



“An album worthy of its moment, an ambitious statement that honors deeply held musical traditions while pushing forward.”
The New York Times


…Cuba: The Conversation Continues, captures that cross-cultural collaboration, with cutting-edge works written by a carefully selected group of U.S. and Cuban composers.”
NPR First Listen


“O’Farrill has been on a creative tear over the last five years; Cuba: The Conversation Continues extends it with an inspired — and perhaps career-defining — album.”


NPR Jazz Night in America


The New York Times


NPR First Listen



Recorded December 19-21, 2014 at Abdala Studios, Studio 1, Calle 32 no. 318 esq. 5th Ave, Miramar, Havana, Cuba


Producers: Arturo O’Farrill, Kabir Sehgal, Julian Weller, Eric Oberstein
Executive Producer: Kabir Sehgal


Recording Engineer: Orestes Águila
Pre-mix & Editing: Peter Karl
Editing: Katherine Miller
Mixing: Katherine Miller, Arturo O’Farrill, Kabir Sehgal, Julian Weller, Eric Oberstein, Michele Rosewoman (1-7)
Mastering: Alan Silverman


The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra:
Arturo O’Farrill – piano, music director
David DeJesus – alto sax (lead), soprano sax, flute
Alejandro Áviles – alto sax, clarinet, flute
Ivan Renta – tenor sax (lead), soprano sax, clarinet, flute
Peter Brainin – tenor sax, flute
Jason Marshall – baritone sax, bass clarinet
Seneca Black – trumpet (lead)
Jim Seeley – trumpet
John Bailey – trumpet
Jonathan Powell – trumpet
Tokunori Kajiwara – trombone (lead)
Rafi Malkiel – trombone, euphonium
Frank Cohen – trombone
Rey David Alejandre – trombone
Earl McIntyre – bass trombone
Gregg August – bass
Vince Cherico – drums
Tony Rosa – congas, percussion
Carlos Maldonado – bongos, timbales, bell, percussion
Adel González Gómez – congas, percussion


Featured Guests
Jesús Ricardo Anduz – trumpet (1-8)
Carlos “Hueso” Arcí – guiro (1-8)
Alexis Bosch – piano (1-6; 1-8)
Bobby Carcassés – vocals (1-8)
“Cotó” Juan de la Cruz Antomarchi – tres & vocals (2-3)
DJ Logic – turntables (2-1)
Antonio Duverger – bongos & marimbula – track (2-3)
Maria Gómez Matos – guiro (2-3)
Michel Herrera – alto sax (2-2)
Rudresh Mahanthappa – alto sax (1-2,3,4,5; 2-5)
Yasek Manzano – trumpet (1-7)
Antonio Martínez Campos – batá (1-7)
Renée Manning – vocals (2-4)
Adam O’Farrill – trumpet (2-1, 2-2)
Zack O’Farrill – drums (2-1); conductor (2-5)
Roberto Quintero – maracas (1-3)
Michele Rosewoman – piano (1-7)

Arturo O'Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra
Release Date

August 21, 2015

Motema Music
About This Project

Recorded in Havana 48 hours after President Obama announced his plan to normalize relations between the U.S. and Cuba, Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra’s Cuba: The Conversation Continues is a powerful symbol of cultural diplomacy, a juxtaposition of music and current events. A follow up to the GRAMMY-winning The Offense of the Drum, the new album builds upon the conversation started by Dizzy Gillespie and Cuban percussionist Chano Pozo — a musical dialogue that bridged the gap between jazz and Afro-Cuban music. O’Farrill brings top composers from both the U.S. and Cuba to create a dazzling musical tapestry, successfully fulfilling Dizzy’s dream of creating “universal music.”

On Cuba: The Conversation Continues, O’Farrill enlisted four of today’s premier Cuban composers (Bobby Carcassés, Alexis Bosch, Cotó, Michel Herrera) and six world-class American composers/arrangers (Dafnis Prieto, Michele Rosewoman, Earl McIntyre, Gregg August, Arturo himself, and his own son, Zack O’Farrill).

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